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    Xi’an CoEpower Electric Co,. Ltd (CoEpower) has been involved in smart power quality solution field for more than 20 years,we are the leading and representative of China Advanced PQM power quality management,CoEpower has excellent innovation R&D teams and project research with the China top grand University Xi’an Jiao Tong University, which keeps us always being ahead in this green energy filed.

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    Professional Team
    Professional Team

    We have professional and experienced teams within various application field which can give you most effective support

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    Safety Assurance
    Safety Assurance

    National IEC standards TUV CE Certificate,ISO 9001.

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    Customization Requirements
    Customization Requirements

    Personalized customization is always available subjuect to clients’ need

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    Complete After-Sale Service
    Free engineering training

    We are always open to all interested clients come to us to take our free engineering traning course,this will help you to reach a better business.

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  • Optimize your power quality to improve productivity ,we are dedicated to perfect power and sustainable energy.